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Your job as a successful Real Estate Agent is to position yourself as the go-to expert in your industry and market area. You do this by creating content that people want to learn, know, share and read. Eventually, these same people will become your customers and clients if they find enough value in your online content.

Here are some ways you can position yourself as an expert:


Blogging allows you to create your own online media space where you educate and inform your market (buyers, sellers, investors) on everything Real Estate related and their common interests. 

For example, my theme for last year was "Home for the Holidays" for the month of November and December. I created topics each week to blog about to get buyers one step closer to buying a home prior to the holidays. 

Those topics included: Buyers Credit, Buyers Financing Options, Investment Planning, etc. This lead to a campaign for a New Year Resolution directed toward buyers. My goal was to keep buyers focused getting into their homes before the holidays. For those that were not ready, I blogged on planning and budgeting to lead them toward purchasing in the New Year. 

We are just about three months from 2018. It's a perfect time to start blogging for the holidays coming up. 

Many ask, well what do I blog about? You write about the same things you talk to your clients about every single day. What are their most frequently asked questions? How do I buy a home? What should my credit score be? Are their any downpayment assistance programs available? How much can I sell my home?  What were the last issues in your last transaction that you can teach your audience about?

Let your clients write your blog by taking the same questions they ask you every single day. Turn your blog into general answers that your targeted audience can relate to.  The people reading will more likely be your targeted market. So if you are blogging about their pain points, guess what? You will attract more like them.

You can also blog about things happening in your local community like festivals, shopping area, best places to eat in town. Not only will you attract your targeted market but local business owners and local media can share your stories to their site.


Here are some sites that you can begin blogging on:

Wordpress, Medium, Wix, Blogger, Tumblr, Squarespace just to name a few. 

Don't let time be an excuse because you can outsource blogging to someone else.

Let your first blog be an introduction to who you are.

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