C is for Content Creation


Content creation is apart of building your online Real Estate Brand. 

Content Marketing is creative marketing techniques distributed throughout various platforms and held as valuable to attract a specific audience.

Some brands have a hard time coming up with great relative content every week to attract their targeted audience. 

Does this sound like you? Are you struggling to keep up with posting to your social media platforms? Are you wasting valuable time spending it all day on social media?

With so much noise out here in the online world, you must find your brand voice and build off of it.

The worst content you can put out there is hurried and rushed content because you want to post something for the sake of just posting. You are actually working against your brand message. Posting anything just to say you posted will hurt and damage your brand. 

Posting too much does not help as well. You want your audience to see you as a needed source, not a nuisance.

You need a plan of execution and that plan starts with knowing exactly who you are targeting online. 

Once you understand who you are talking to, you can begin to create marketing material and social media content that speak directly to them. One of the reasons businesses fail, especially online business is a lack of defining the customers you want to work with. 

Makeda Smith