Social Media Branding for Real Estate Agents


If you are not on social media today as a Real Estate Agent, you are leaving money on the table. More and more buyers are starting their home search online. Even sellers are doing their homework online prior to contacting an Agent to sell their home. Seeing that there is a market for buyer and seller online, will they find your brand?

Just to be clear you are your brand. A brand is simply a customer's experience with your services. What are your clients and customers saying about working with you outside of your presence? Are you asking them? How many of you are asking your clients for testimonials after closing the Real Estate Transaction? If you don't take control of branding your business online, others will do it for you.

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Here are 5 Steps to creating a great online presence:

1. Pick a Niche - Who do you desire to work with? You can't begin creating an online brand if you don't know who you want to work with. When I talk to REALTORS®, they always ask if its ok to have more than one. Of course, it is. For example, I work with First-Time Home Buyers, Investors, and Asset Managers. Just make sure you don't cast your net too wide. When I first started Real Estate 13 years ago, I took on all kinds of clients because I was new and didn't want to turn down any business. Don't let that be your focus. Narrow in on the clients you want to serve and work closely with. Once you have your niche, build a brand around it and your ideal clients will be attracted to you.

2. Pick your market location - Where do you want your branding to appear? What market area do you want to focus on? Most Real Estate agents focus on their surrounding farming area. Your audience wants to know that you are familiar with your local 

3. Pick 2-3 social platform to concentrate on - When choosing the platforms you will brand yourself on, it's important to know the targeted market you want to work with by creating a client avatar. Which social media platforms do your ideal client hang out on? How often are they on these platforms? What do they like? What are their online interests?

4. List your strengths. Why should your targeted audience work with you? - Now that you selected your niche market, you need to set yourself apart from your competition that is working in the same location and niche as you. What are your marketing skills? How will you market an owner's property to sell? What information can you provide new buyers looking to purchase a home? What designations and certifications do you have to help your targeted audience? The strengths you list should be evident in your online marketing.

5. Branding Name, Tagline, and Logo - When creating your online name, make sure you are consistent with its use. It should be something creative with a tagline that makes a statement. Make sure your audience understands that it is Real Estate related. Branding your personal name helps people to identify with you no matter which company you transfer or build on your own.  If you are creating a personal logo for your individual brand, make sure you include your sponsoring brokerage logo as well. Check with your local board and Managing Office Broker to stay in compliance.

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Makeda Smith