5 Steps to Keeping your Instagram Content Dope


 Knowing what to post on Instagram doesn’t have to be hard when planned correctly. Realtors®️ of Instagram are using the platform for business and to generate leads. In order to generate quality and serious leads on social media platforms like Instagram you must connect with potential clients through social networking. That means that you have build that know / like / trust factor with your followers by creating dope content that sets you apart in your market. 

Your social media content must speak to your audience problems and issues by providing them the solutions they need to make their lifestyle decisions easier as it relates to Real Estate.

1. Stop Posting Cookie Cutter Contentmeaning the same one graphic on every other agents page that does not match your brand or tell a unique story to your audience on how you can help solve their problems. You want to generate leads? Post graphics that your followers will stop scrolling to learn more because there is something unique about your content. 

2. Be Different Babe! After seeing what other agents are posting in your marketplace to their Instagram pages, look to see what you can do differently.  For an example, if one agent consistently post about FHA loans, what are other loans that may be unique to your market can you create content around?  

3. Share your story Believe it or not, people follow you on Instagram because they want to know more about YOU! Tell stories about more than just Real Estate. People connect with people. Period! Tell people what you do, how you got to where you are today, what you’re currently working on, what keeps you up at night, what keeps you motivated. You will find that people you attract are similar to you and enjoy some of the same exact things you do. 

4. Show behind the scenes! Yes, it’s cute to post when your client closes or gets approved for a loan but what about when it’s hard. From inspections, appraisals, breached contracts, Village issues etc. Be transparent with your content. Your audience will see you as the Expert and engaged you by asking more questions. 

5.  Build a Cohesive Theme! Your brand image should reflect in your graphics and content. Instagram is a visual platform. Therefore, your pictures should be clear and concise. Please stop posting blurry picture for the sake of posting. Your graphics should be branded to your colors, logo and name. It needs to tell a story of problem and solutions with you as the expert.

If you need content to get a jump start on creating dope images, use the Savvy Chicks in Real Estate Social Media Template bit.ly/CustomRealEstateGraphics



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