Social Media Real Estate Graphics that demand attention


When planning your social media real estate graphics, it’s important that you have visuals that are attractive to the eye. In places like Instagram and Facebook, you only have a few seconds to capture someone’s attention before they keep scrolling right pass your content especially during this time of year where people are inundated with so much information.

With all that’s going on during the holiday season, it's necessary to create eye-catching Social Media Graphics that make your followers stop to read your caption and engage with your photo.

Here are some ways to create graphics across multiple platforms for maximum engagement!

1. Keep your branding on your photos consistent with your overall brand so that your audience becomes familiar with your style of content creation. Your colors, logo and tag line should stay  consistent.

2. Use photos that speak to your targeted audience and images that represent your brand message you want to convey. For an example, if you are working with First Time Home Buyers that are Millineals, your photo selections should reflect that message. 

3. Add a call to action on your Graphics that make your audience want to stop and engagewith your post by asking them to tag someone, answer a question, click a link or download a digital product. If you don’t have a digital product, create your own in our upcoming Masterclass where I will show you how to implement your own 7 Day Homebuying Challenge

If you are struggling with Graphics to post for the Holiday Season, grab our Canva Holiday Graphics that are already done for you. Just pop in your logo and brand colors and you’re all set. Order them here: