12 Days to Homeownership for Real Estate Agents


Let’s do it a little differently this year! Instead of 12 Days of Christmas, I’m helping you to create a 12 Days to Homeownership for your Social Media platforms this Holiday Season

How to Prep for the 12 Days of Homeownership

  1. Pick 12 Things you will talk about or use my guide below

  2. Determine a call to action for each day

  3. Decide how you will share the information— which platforms will you use ( Instagram, Pinterest, , Twitter, Facebook. Use the Platform your ideal clients are present on)

  4. Create a landing page to capture leads or just direct people to DM or email you.

  5. Create an Incentive for people to download (Checklist, ebook, buyers/sellers guide. There is one done for you in the Savvy Chicks in Real Estate Facebook Group. Just add your contact information

  6. Optional: Create an incentive for customers to sign up to your email list by giving them an incentive

  7. Create graphics to share on the Social Media Platform of your Choice (Use or Typorama. Keep your graphics simple)

  8. Begin promoting on Monday, Dec 10th to join you starting Dec13th for your 12 Days of Homeownership.

  9. Optional: Include a $10 gift card giveaway

  10. Gather any leads that sign up to your landing page and send them a welcome email after the challenge and follow up to offer your real estate services to them or anyone they know

  11. Schedule your daily posts using Planoly or Hootsuite

  12. Engage with comments. Have a call to action with every post.

  13. You can do this inform of a daily 30-60 video or simply post a graphic. The choice is yours.

You can use my Guide Below or you can create your own. It goes a little something like this:

  1. On the first Day of Homeownership: We Plan

  2. On the 2nd Day of Homeownership: Real Estate Goals

  3. On the 3rd Day of Homeownership: Let’s Talk Credit

  4. On the 4th Day fo Homeownership: Financing

  5. On the 5th Day of Homeownership: Bankruptcy, Student Loans and Debt

  6. On the 6th Day of Homeownership: Working with a Realtor

  7. On the 7th Day of Homeownership: Working with an Attorney

  8. On the 8th Day of Homeownership: Purchase & Sales Contract

  9. On the 9th Day of Homeownership: Inspections and Appraisals

  10. On the 10th Day of Homeownership: Dealing with Obstacles

  11. On the 11th Day of Homeownership: Inspiration

  12. On the 12th Day of Homeownership: Offer a consultation or Homebuying Challenge

If you need holiday graphics with a Real Estate theme and are familiar with Canva, you can buy our Holiday Graphics here bit.ly/HolidayRealEstateGraphics or create your own. See you on the Gram