7 Habits of Savvy Chicks In Real Estate




We all want to be successful in our Real Estate business but what are you willing to sacrifice to get there? Posting Boss Babe quotes on Instagram and looking successful won't cut it. They make for a great posts on Social Media but it does not move the comma in your bank account. In order to increase your bag, you must identify the habits of highly successful Savvy Chicks in Real Estate and make them your own.

What is it about top-performing real estate agents that separate them from the rest? They have habits that have been incorporated into their daily schedule and has become apart of their character.

Let’s take a look and you will recognize some of these qualities in yourself. Others you may have to improve on but you will get there. 

1. Be Proactive - A Savvy Chick does not wait on things to just happen. She makes them happen and create opportunities for herself and others. She is not passive in this Real Estate Game. She is in charge and takes responsibility for her choices. Instead of saying, "there is nothing I can do", she says, "let me see what I can do."

2. Start with your Goal in Mind - A Savvy Chick knows what her goals are and take the time to map out the steps to get there. She constantly work to generate leads, referrals and leverage both to build more business. She adjusts accordingly. She looks ahead, and implement systems and marketing to maintain business throughout slow seasons in the market.

3. Focus on the Relationship- A Savvy Chick knows how important it is to be a relational agent rather than a transaction agent. Cultivating relationships build trust. The more people get to like, know and trust you the more likely they will refer you to their friends, family and colleagues. This also includes building a mutually-beneficial relationship with lender partners, home inspectors, appraisers and attorneys. She invests in a CRM to help manage these relationships.

4. Habit of helping Others - A Savvy Chick is not insecure or territorial that she cannot help her fellow sister in real estate. She has the mindset that there is enough real estate activity for us all to win in our own lane. Be willing to work with others so that you can close more deals faster. Instead of viewing others as competition she sees opportunities for collaborations. She believes in paying forward. 

5. Invest in Yourself - A Savvy Chick knows the importance of investing in herself on a quarterly basis to improve her skill set for herself and the clients she serves. She is focused on continuous personal growth and self-improvement to be the best agent that she can be. She attends conferences, summits, webinars, trainings and read books that increases her knowledge and skills.

6. Circle of Powerful Influence- A Savvy Chick surrounds herself with people that are smarter than her and those that can help her level up in all areas of life. You heard the saying, “show me your 5 closest friends and you’ll see your future.” 

7. Ask for it- A Savvy Chick is not afraid to ask for business. You have not because you don’t ask. Communication skills is a key characteristic to a highly successful real estate agent. We much be consistent in going after clients and building our database. In the words of Will Smith as he bungee jumped from a helicopter over the Grand Canyon yesterday, “scared money, don’t make no money.” Savvy Chicks are willing to take risks. Even if she fails she learns, adjust and try again.