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Just last year after recovering from major surgery, I began to think about how I could begin to automate my real estate business where obtaining leads did not require my direct involvement. How could I make systems, blogs, websites, social media and landing pages work in my favor?  This led me to create more digital products in my business. Capturing leads through landing pages on various platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.

I used a system called "If Not This Then That" to help me show up in multiple places online at one time. I set up a scheduling system through a site called Acuity Scheduling where buyers, sellers and investors could schedule a call with me using an online calendar that is synced to my email.

Regardless to how long you have been in business, there is room to put your business on automation.

I began to write blogs, ebooks, guides, checklists, live stream to teach my audience more things as it relates to Real Estate. I created social media content that had call to actions. Real Estate Graphics that helped to attract more followers on Instagram where I am now averaging 300 followers a month that are interested in the content I create. Well that led to other agents in the industry that became interested in learning how to do the same in their respective markets.

So now I have started helping agents learn new systems, create digital products, create hot social media content and put their Real Estate business on automation without having to be physically present for every lead and interaction.

This Monday I will be teaching agents how I created my own digital home buying challenge from the comfort of my home office. I was able to create an email challenge, place it on automation so that everyone that signed up received an email every morning for 7 days with a topic about Real Estate. We covered: Choosing an agent, legal tips with an attorney, what to expect from a home inspection from a inspector, a lender participated to talk about how to get pre-approved, lastly we had a person talk about credit repair. Of course, I covered the home purchasing process.

What do you need to create a virtual home Buying Challenge rather than a physical home buying seminar?

1. A targeted audience  

2. A sales Copy

3. A landing page

4. Vendor partners

5. Email content to the subscribers

6. Email content to the vendor participants  

7. Email marketing system

8. Email sequence

9. Promotional Graphics

10. Branded hashtags  

When I completed my First Online HomeBuyingChallenge, I closed two buyers that participated because I educated them on the process along with the service partners that participated. They were equipped and ready to put the things we taught them in 7 days into action.

Now is the time to start setting up your pipeline for your 2019 leads.

If you would like to sign up to create your first digital product in form of a Home Buying Challenge that you can promote on Social Media to obtain leads, please click the link below for everything that is included. There will be a live Masterclass on Monday 11/26/18 at 7PM CST.


After the Masterclass, it will go into the vault at

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