Agent Irene

I have a testimonial - Ladies keep plugging away with Instagram - on Friday a prospective buyer called me from the 'call' button - I was quite amazed, I joined Instagram in July 2017. I met with her yesterday at my Brokers office, after and she signed a buyers agreement with me for a Duplex property, she wants to leave in one side and rent the other. :) Three weeks ago, an agent called me with a referral for a client moving to Virginia from overseas. :) - THANK YOU Makeda and Savvy Chicks in Real Estate for opening my eyes to social media and especially Instagram the last few weeks

Agent Annette

Good morning Saavy Chicks! I wanted to come in here this morning and let ya’ll know that after just a few weeks really being intentional on what Makeda Smith is teaching us I finally got a lead last night. I’m so excited!! I asked her how she found me and she said from my hashtag and video she loved it. I’m still a work in progress but determined to keep going because if we implement all of these things we are learning in the group we are going to set ourselves up for a huge 2018 and I can’t wait. Don’t give up ladies you can do it!! Have a great weekend!

Agent Collette

That's what I'm talking about! a true network of savvy chicks who truly want to help each other succeed. Makeda Smith i think your vision for this group is manifesting into a true sisterhood. I'm glad to be part of it. This is exactly the kind of group i was looking for as a new agent.