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The Scale to Seven Figure CEO


The Playbook is unlike anything you have seen on the market written by one of the Savviest Chicks in Real Estate. 

This Playbook is 149 pages dripping with golden nuggets to help you build your 2021 revenue goals to make money. Are you looking to scale to a million by incorporating Digital Products and online services within your business? You will be able to plan your annual money goals and break it down to monthly and quarterly goals. Successful business owners know their numbers and consistently reflect on the numbers.

Learn what products you can create to add on to existing revenue streams while giving you new ideas to create more. New to digital products and online services. This Playbook will give you the ideas you need to get creative and pull out the Seven Figure CEO™ within you. 

The Seven Figure CEO Playbook

  • -Chapter One: The What

    -Chapter Two: 7 Figure CEO Mindset

    -Chapter Three: The Growth Wealth Strategy

    -Chapter Four: Target Audience

    -Chapter Five: 7 Figure CEO Money Goals

    -Chapter Six: 7 Figure CEO Blueprint

    -Chapter Seven: The Brand

    -Chapter Eight: Seven Figure CEO Services & Products

    -Chapter Nine: Create an Offer

    -Chapter Ten: The 7 Figure CEO Launch

    -Chapter Eleven: Marketing Strategy/Campaign

    -Chapter Twelve: 7 Figure Sales Funnel

    -Chapter Thirteen: Driving Traffic

    -Chapter Fourteen: Building a Tribe/Community

    -Bonus Chapter: Virtual Events

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