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There is nothing on the market like this for Real Estate Agents, Brokers and Investors to help you make an International Play in your business


It's time to Gain Unfair Advantage over the rest of your market and expand your audience for a global reach. This Playbook will give you the steps, tools and resources to make a major splash into international territories.


This 180 page playbook covers the following offers:


1.  Global Strategy

2. Global Business Plan

3. Global Market Research

4. Global Access

5. 2023 Global Launch Calendar

6. International Expansion Strategy

7. Global Brand Positioning Worksheet

8. Global Brand Checklist

9. Global Brand SWOT Analysis

10. Low-Cost Course Offer

11. Global Real Estate Property Tour Checklist

12. Luxury Travel Plan

13. Government Resource & Laws Worksheet

14. Global Travel Agenda & Strategy

15. Becoming an International Real Estate Investor

16. Becoming an International Sales Agent

17. Building a International Referral Database


This playbook was created for such a time as this where the opportunity to expand into a global real estate market is wide open. You will also receive a 30 minute video that will show you how to use The Ultimate International Playbook in your business.




The Ultimate International Playbook

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